VirtIO drivers on Server 2008

Installing VirtIO drivers for KVM on Windows Server 2008 (not the R2 version)

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Blackberry Playbook to Cisco ASA VPN

Howto connect a playbook to a Cisco ASA security appliance with IPSec

The PlayBook comes out of the box with a very capable VPN client. There are quite a few posts and blogs out there on how to set up the playbook side of things, but very little about the other, Cisco ASA end. IPSec is a very fickle beast, and depends on Both ends of the connection being set up properly.

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High Fiber Rye Seed Bread

Delicious, high fiber seed bread

The Wife and I have gone on the South Beach diet, and while searching for a good whole grain high fiber bread,  I sort of made this one up from one of our bread maker recepes.

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Get ready to pay a LOT more for Internet in Canada

Bell, Telus, and Shaw getting set to gouge canadians again

The CRTC has recently made a decision that will force smaller internet service providers to charge similar usage-based fees as Bell, Rogers and Shaw.

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What does this mean? forget downloading movies, music, or uploading lots of pictures to facebook, If you use Netflix, get out your wallet.

I have a feeling this move by the big companies is meant to make netflix more expensive than staying on their own poor TV service.

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Searching PivotX

You need more than 3 entries to return search results

It would appear you need 3 blog entries to get any search results.

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New blog space

Thought I'd try blogging

Let's see how this goes.

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