Get ready to pay a LOT more for Internet in Canada

Bell, Telus, and Shaw getting set to gouge canadians again

The CRTC has recently made a decision that will force smaller internet service providers to charge similar usage-based fees as Bell, Rogers and Shaw.

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What does this mean? forget downloading movies, music, or uploading lots of pictures to facebook, If you use Netflix, get out your wallet.

I have a feeling this move by the big companies is meant to make netflix more expensive than staying on their own poor TV service.

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Searching PivotX

You need more than 3 entries to return search results

It would appear you need 3 blog entries to get any search results.

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Resize a root filesystem on the fly

Resize the root filesystem on a Red Hat Virtual machine without rebooting

Most sys-admins have been there, a full file system on a critical production server that you cannot afford to reboot.. If you are using VMWare, and linux LVM, You are in luck. As always, Keep good backups, and use at your own risk, mistakes can render your system completely unusable.

This guide can be used  for any filesystem that has been mounted on a Linux logical volume.

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New blog space

Thought I'd try blogging

Let's see how this goes.

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