Bluetooth Headset with Kubuntu

Getting a SIP softphone (Twinkle) working with a Bluetooth headset and Kubuntu 10.04

I hate wires. I like wireless devices, (Mice, Keyboards and Headsets) I wanted to see if I could get the bluetooth headset, a Motorola MotoPure H5, I bought for my crackberry to work with my SIP softphone running on Kubuntu 10.04. This will help you get the headset working, but I'm assuming you have a working Bluetooth stack already (either Dongle or built in adapter) and a working IP soft phone (SIP or something like Skype)

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Rob | Friday 25 February 2011 - 7:47 pm | | Tech Stuff | Two comments

Cisco MLPPP with 2 ADSL connections

Aggregating 2 ADSL connections from Teksavvy in Calgary on Telus Copper

Yes! MLPPP works out west for Telsavvy customers, they don't officially support it but they were quite helpful through the setup phase.

I did this with a Cisco 2691  router, with two wic-1adsl line cards.

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Rob | Sunday 06 February 2011 - 10:42 am | | Tech Stuff | Three comments

High Fiber Rye Seed Bread

Delicious, high fiber seed bread

The Wife and I have gone on the South Beach diet, and while searching for a good whole grain high fiber bread,  I sort of made this one up from one of our bread maker recepes.

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